Promo mix recorded for throwback party @ Villa Nightclub, Perth... it's full of 90s mainstream hits anyone with a radio during that decade would know.
Promo mix recorded for "Back II Life", an old school R&B/hiphop party thrown at various nightclubs around Perth. 
Dance mix of accessible funk, disco & classic house jams custom made for a client in London.   Everything from MJ, Prince to Daft Punk.
Recorded for a corporate BBQ: mainly rock edits from the likes of Blondie, The Clash, The Doors, Talking Heads, with a sprinkle of  MJ, Prince & James Brown
Live recording from Henry Summer, Perth one lazy Sunday afternoon.. Nothing too deep, mainly disco re-edits. Rated G. Perfect for the boombox, beach, bbq or bar mitzvah.
Was booked to play an 'R&B' wedding so recorded a keepsake for the couple to listen in their limo on the day when out for photos etc
Live recording from "Genius of Dilla" tribute night at The Bird, Perth...   
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